The food education and practical cookery work undertaken by Anderston Primary School, using Food for Thought Funding is featured as an exemplar on their website. We used the funding to develop ongoing practical food education in the school.

This is a long term project linking to the Food for Thought Fund, which provided the opportunity to develop practical cookery throughout the school with one considered purchase of a mobile cooking station. Learners in all classes have been given the opportunity to cook. Staff and parents are further developing the programme of food learning using a progressive food curriculum running from P1-7. The school will continue to work within different curricular areas to embed the learning in relatable ways​.

This year, Anderston have been adopted by the Hilton as part of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Adopt a School programme. The Hilton will be working with the P4s on developing knowledge of the importance of food, the significance it has in our lives and the impact it has on us and the environment.

Alongside classroom work we will continue to involve parents in our food learning. Parents have been engaged through previous years works and we have a volunteer group who are willing to share recipes from home. This will be done as part of an after school parent and child cooking class.

We will also re-open the pop-up restaurant with our new P7 cohort and the support of a professional chef parent.

This is just one example of successful partnership between parents and the school.