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A blog for the parents, teachers, and community partners of Anderston Primary School, Glasgow


To add a new blog post (appears in the main window).

  1. Make sure you’re logged in.
  2. Click ‘Write’ in the top right hand part of the screen
  3. Fill in your title and text
  4. Go to ‘featured image’ at the left hand side and choose an image, or upload a new one. (Without this there will just be an empty space on the main page). There are some generic images, e.g. the school logo if you don’t have your own image for a post.
  5. Go to ‘categories and tags’ at the left hand side and tick the right category (untick ‘Uncategorized’ while you’re there). You don’t need to bother with tags really.
  6. When you are finished with your post, click the blue Publish button near the top of the left menu. (It will publish with today’s date, if you want to change what date the post appears on, there’s a tiny calendar icon next to the publish button).

If you want to add photos or documents within the post:

  1. Under the title there is a + in a circle, near the word ‘paragraph’. Click on that and choose ‘add media’
  2. It takes you by default to the images but if you’re adding a document instead (e.g. a school newsletter) then in the menu at the top of the window you should see the options for Documents (as well as Video, Audio). Click on that, then click Add New to upload a new doc.
  3. When you are done adding media, click Insert in the bottom right of the window

There is a more detailed version of these instructions here:

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