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Maths Week activities

Anderston Primary Parent Council have created some activities to do during Maths Week (or at any time!)

Outdoor maths trails

There are three outdoor maths trails near Anderston Primary. They are for adults to do with their children and will need a mobile phone with data.

The first step is to download the Actionbound app – then you can scan the codes in the instructions below or simply search for nearby ‘bounds’ (a bound is a trail).

Trail 1 – this is for primary school children of all ages. Instructions are here.

Trail 2 – this is for children working at maths Level 2 (approx P5 – P7) and focusses on area and volume.

Trail 3 – this is for younger children and focusses on shapes and counting.

Solve the codes!

This is an exciting code-solving game! It needs a mobile phone with the free Escape Team app installed and adults should take part in the game alongside their children. Instructions are below. The game works best if you print out the instructions.

This game is not location-specific so you can play it at home, no matter where you live!

Games about mathematicians for Maths Week 2020

Create your own maths trails or escape games

Here is some guidance on how to create a good maths trail.

Here is the invitation that was sent out to parents in the school bags.

If thinking of using Escape Team to create your own codebreak game, the main thing to remember is that every puzzle needs to finish with a 5 digit code. You can produce this however you like using maths appropriate to the level of your audience. You can also mix it with logic puzzles and so on – the best thing to do is play the free missions on Escape Team yourself for inspiration.

Photos from Maths Week 2019

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