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Reading and Maths videos

This page shows examples of how to read and count with your child.

  • Ask your child about the title, author, and illustrator.
  • Talk to your child about their favourite parts of the book and ask them to explain the story.
  • Ask your child to read sections and explain elements like speech, capital letters, and punctuation.
  • Encourage your child to get involved in the story as they read – ask them what they think the characters are feeling, what do they think might happen next, what would they do?


  • Use the cards to ask your child to explain the different maths symbols.
  • Let your child to set their own difficulty level, but make sure to challenge them!
  • Get your child to set challenges for you.
  • Ask your child to explain the sum to you, using the correct words for the numbers and symbols.
  • Guide your child through the steps needed to work out the sum, giving them plenty of time to work out the answer.
  • Help your child to identify the patterns they are seeing in the numbers.
  • Have fun!

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